Episode 27

Published on:

22nd May 2021


When Netflix released the Queen's Gambit, it shone a bright light on the chess community and there was a sudden surge of chess players online and also a demand for chess boards on various online shops. In the world of the internet, chess.com has always been on top when it comes to playing chess online. But there is an open source chess server that has a clean interface, doesn't require you to register, there are no ads nor any plugins on the platform, and you can play chess without paying a single penny online. Do you know the name of this chess server?

In this week's talk, Amit and Rinat talk with Thibault Duplessis, the creator of Lichess - a free online chess server second only to chess.com, about how he started Lichess, what are the various features of Lichess, what has he seen with chess games over the years, and a lot more!

Thibault Duplessis's Twitter - https://twitter.com/ornicar

Thibault Duplessis's Github - https://github.com/ornicar

Thibault Duplessis's Lichess profile - https://lichess.org/@/thibault

Lichess homepage - https://lichess.org/

Lichess donation page - https://lichess.org/patron

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Amit Sarkar

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Amit Sarkar is an experienced software professional with over 14 years of industry experience in technology and consulting across telecom, security, transportation, executive search, digital media, and import/export. He loves open source technologies and always keen to learn more about new tools.

Passionate about systems thinking and helping others in learning. He believes in learning concepts over tools and collaborating with people over managing them.

In his free time he tries to learn about new tools, processes, systems, or industries. And likes to focus on technologies that make our lives simpler and efficient.

His main area of work is software testing, predominantly web application and mobile application testing.

Rinat Malik

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Rinat Malik has been in the automation and digital transformation industry for most of his career.

Starting as a mechanical engineer, he quickly found his true passion in automation and implementation of most advanced technologies into places where they can be utilized the most. He started with automating engineering design processes and moved onto Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

He has implemented digital transformation through robotics in various global organisations. His experience is built by working at some of the demanding industries – starting with Finance industry and moving onto Human Resources, Legal sector, Government sector, Energy sector and Automotive sector. He is a seasoned professional in Robotic Process Automation along with a vested interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and use of Big Data.

He is also an author of a published book titled “Guide to Building a Scalable RPA CoE”